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Updated: Feb 5, 2019

Green Lane Playgroup

The SCSNA playgroup has been in existence for 43 years and help children under the age of 6 with severe disabilities. They provide support to the children, often for free, by teaching basic skills which "normal" children take for granted. Without such a playgroup, parents do not have any rest from the hard work they have to put in just to look after their disadvantaged children. Small-Steps have supported our local chosen charity since 2011.

Small-Steps Input:

  • Swimming lessons for Children for a whole year

  • IT Equipment - new computer, tablets and software.

  • refurbishment of the Sensory Perception Room.

  • New security shutters for the playgroup to improve their safety.

  • Full redecoration of the play-area which was required urgently.

This year: we aim to fund adding a new Garden Fence allowing the children a safe outdoor play area.

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Testimonial from Jo Brown of SCSNA

“The relationship between Small Steps and Green Lane Playgroup has been a lifeline for our small charity. The generosity shown by everyone involved in the Small Steps Charity has been amazing and is greatly appreciated by us all. Your interest in our work and the projects that you have financed is touching and we have enjoyed the close relationship that we have forged with you .

We aim to provide a caring and stimulating environment for all our children but more importantly for the parents and carers , we offer much needed respite and support . The sensory room, the redecoration of the playgroup and the replacement of our security shutters will help to improve the playgroup and enhance every child's experience.

We consider ourselves extremely lucky to have your ongoing support .”

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Solihull, United Kingdom

Small-Steps Charity is a registered UK Charity No. 1157097