MAHAN - Small-Steps Charity Project 2019

Updated: Aug 8, 2019

Integrated project to reduce child malnutrition and deaths of tribal (under 5 children, pregnant mothers and economically productive age group of 16-60 years) of Melghat, Maharashtra.


MAHAN is non-profit charitable NGO providing preventive and curative community health & hospital services to 300,000 farmers from Melghat, Maharashtra for the last 18 years. Melghat is a resource-poor, remote forest area.

The Melghat tribal area is rather underprivileged; with poor transportation, education and health care facilities. The children in thhe area experience severe malnutrition (>20%), and the increased child and maternal mortality rate is a growing problem, exacerbated by the lack of infrastructure and high illiteracy. The prevalence of malnutrition is even worse than that in Sub-Saharan Africa. Treatment of severe malnutrition and complicated pregnancies is not available in most of the villages, and parents are reluctant for the hospitalisation of severely malnourished children.

Project Details

Aim of Small-Steps Project: To reduce the prevalence of severe malnutrition and deaths due to malnutrition. Small-Steps Charity will be aiming to sponsor the cost of malnutrition treatment for children

Beneficiaries: Around 100 severely malnourished poor tribal children will be benefitted.

Planned Intervention: Community-based management of severely malnourished under 5yrs children (SMC) from 32 villages. Children with severe malnutrition will be identified and treated over a 3-6 month period. Local Therapeutic Food will be provided to the children four times a day by VHW's (Village Health Workers)

Timescale: 6 months starting June 2019

Estimated cost of the project. GBP : 6458.46 to 8611.28 (Rs. 600000 to 8,00,000). It will be mainly used for providing food and medicines to severely malnourished children.

Monitoring indicators will be :

1. Number of severely malnourished children treated by our team.

2. Prevalence of severe malnutrition in 32 villages.

3. Case fatality rate of severe malnutrition.

More Info

MAHAN Mahatma Gandhi Tribal Hospital, Karmgram, Utavali, Tehsil Dharni, Dist Amravati, Maharashtra, 444702



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